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DSCF3717 (500x332)

X-E1, XF18-55mm


I went back to Hokkaido from Tokyo.

Today’s high temperature was – 5℃ in Asahikawa while 10℃ in Tokyo. The cold weather reminded me that I am back to Hokkaido.

Last Sunday, during my homecoming, I went to Ginza to see a comedy and dance show in which my friend was going to play. Next day, I had lunch with him in Shinjuku. He is not famous as entertainers on TV show. His salary is very low. He can not live without doing side jobs. But, he is truly enjoying his life.

My salary is three times as high as his. But, am I really enjoying my life as him ?? Am I satisfied with my life ? After lunch, something in my mind provoked me.


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