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DSCF4229 (500x333)

XE-1, XF35mm, f3.6, 1/1800, 0,ISO400

I went to the Sapporo Snow festival last month. This was the second time that I’ve gone to the festival.

When I went to the festival for the fist time, I was an elementary school student (more than 20 years ago). Although I can slightly remember how the festival was at the time, there might have been many snow sculptures which pleased us a lot. But when I went to the festival this winter, there were less snow sculptures than I had imagined. Instead, there were many street food stalls. It might be my misunderstanding, but I heard someone telling his friend “this snow festival is like the food festival, because there are lots of street food stalls”. Nonetheless, there were big sculptures of some anime characters that are very very attractive. There will not be many people who think that the snow festival is like like the food festival.

Although it was not the one that I had imagined, I was totally satisfied with the Sapporo Snow festival.


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