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San Diego Zoo

During business trip to San Diego on last October, me and my wife went to the San Diego Zoo.

On the day of visit to the Zoo, we were going to get up early in the morning. But we could not get up at the time because of heavy jet lag and got up early in the afternoon after all.

It was 12:30. The Zoo will be closed at 17:30. We hurriedly got ourselves up, got out our room, and took a taxi to the Zoo. It was 13:30 when we arrived at the Zoo.

The Zoo was full of people.

We didn’t eat any food at the day until arrival, so we first went to a cafeteria to get some foods before getting around the Zoo.

The Zoo was larger than we expected, and we thought we could not see all animals by the time of close. So we took a ride on a tour bus that brought us main areas in the Zoo.










After 40-50 min ride on the bus, we had gotten around the Zoo on foot until the time of close.



I was most exited when I saw an eagle. I love birds, and eagles is one of my favorites birds.



In this visiting at the Zoo, we were very exited that the zoo was really very big and large.   We can’t visit such a large zoo in Japan. We can see many animals that do not exist in any Japanese zoos. These satisfied us very much.


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Me and my wife are going to San Diego next week for business.


Five years has spent since I went to the United States of America. For my wife, this is going to be the first visit to the United States of America.


We plan to visit the San Diego Zoo during this visit (We don’t have any works at first day).


Are there any other good site-seeing places and recommended restaurants in San Diego ??


(We don’t have much information about San Diego.)


We will stay at the Embassy Suites San Diego bay.



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