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Blue pond

DSCF8259 (2) (1024x683)


The Aoi-ike is a really blue pond.

The “Aoi-ike” which means “A blue pond” in Japanese (Aoi -> blue, ike -> pond).
It is located in the Biei and it takes about 30 min by car to get there from Asahikawa.

The Aoi-ike has been popular in the past few years in japan,
because of the beauty of the pond with blue water.
(But I was wondering the Aoi-ike is really blue pond.)

My parents happened to visit us last week,
so I took them to the Aoi-ike.
For us, it was the first time to see the Aoi-ike.

When I saw it, I was impressed the beauty of the blue pond.
It was really blue and amazingly beautiful.

From the explanation of the guide plate,
the Aoi-ike is not the pond that has been naturally made.
In 1988, a dam was made around there to prevent the Biei people from the volcanic hazard.
After the construction of the dam, the water was gradually gathering at the outside of the dam, making a pond with blue water.

There are some opinions explaining why the water is blue,
however, the exact mechanism is not fully understood.


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Birthday party

We went to one of our favorite restaurant in Biei – Valore –  to celebrate my wife’s birthday. This was the forth time to visit the Valore. They always provides us really amazingly delicious dishes.

I bought New Fuji X-E1 last week. So I brought the Fuji X-E1 instead of the old Fuji X-1o, which is now in my wife’s possession.


DSCF3086 (333x500)

DSCF3097 (500x333)

DSCF3100 (333x500)

DSCF3101 (500x333)

DSCF3106 (500x333)

The dish above includes Hokkaido dear ham. The population of Hokkaido Dear is now increasing and they do serious damage to farmers in Hokkaido by eating their crops. It is important to control the population but it is not working well.


DSCF3112 (500x334)

DSCF3116 (500x333)

DSCF3117 (500x333)

DSCF3118 (500x333)

DSCF3123 (500x333)

DSCF3130 (334x500)


I am happy with may new camera overall !


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We went for lunch at the Italian Restaurant ” Valore”.


The entrance of the Valore.



The rain drops on leaves.






The Valore is located at Biei, and we had went for dinner to celebrate my wife’s birthday in last November. https://nezumikozou.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/valore-in-biei/


This day, we ordered pasta dishes and the first dish was carrot soup.

A waitress told us that the carrot was from a farm near the restraint. When we sipped it,  the sweetness of the fresh carrot and the slight smell of olive oil spread in my mouth! Very delicious!!


The next was a dish of vegetables with three kinds of dressing, natural salt, and puree.

I like the dishes of vegetable of the Vaolre very much. Many kinds of vegetables are on the dish, and every vegetables are so fresh and delicious that we can’t help smiling at each other.


Next dishes are pasta. I had ordered the pasta with firefly squid and rape-flower. My wife had ordered the gnocchi with white sauce. They were very very delicious!!


The last dish was dessert. a blueberry mousse cake (on the left) and strawberry ice cream (on the right)


The dishes of the Valore always make us very happy!!


When we go out, the owner chef always come to the checkout counter to say good-bye. He opened his restaurant ‘Valore’  in 2007, and his restaurant is one of the popular italian restaurants in the area of asahikawa, furano, and biei.


We celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Valore!

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Valore in Biei

All photos taken with Fuji X10 in an italian restraint.



We went to an italian restraint “Valore” in Biei this saturday.

The dishes are very expensive and very delicious.

This was the third time to go to the Volere for celebrating my wife’s birthday.


Thank you for everything that my wife gives me…

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