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Space Harrier in 3D !


From Nintendo website.


Do you know the Space Harrier ?

It is an arcade game released by SEGA in 1985.
It was a pseudo 3D shooting game.
I can remember that, when I was a child,I played it sitting in a console that moves according to the analog stick movement.

The console, from wikipedia.


Yesterday, the Space harrier was released as a Nintendo 3DS soft with some renewals. One of the renewals is that users can play it in 3D. Although the renewals may be small to you, I can at last play the Space Harrier in real 3D !!

And I’ll bet, after playing it for an hour, that this Space Harrier in 3D will give you amazingly wonderful experiences !!


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I had finished the hell of the campaign mode, and the abyss and bonus stage of the raid mode.

After completing the hell, I got the infinite (∞) locket launcher, and I am playing the normal mode with the ∞ locket launcher. But, the ∞ locket launcher is only usable if the player is Jill.  If I could use the ∞ locket launcher in all stages!!

Anyway, I could enjoy the Biohazard Revelations for a long time more than expected. I had been very busy on March and April, so I did not post any article of my blog.  Playing the Biohazard Revelations was reduction of my stress at the time.

Recently, I bought the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and it is my next playing game!!

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I had finished a campaign mode (episode 1-12). Total playing time was about fifteen hours.


The most scared but enjoyable episode was episode 4. At the last of the episode, you have to fight the Ooze rachel. This ooze had scared me very much.  You have to fight against her in dark corridors on a ship. The sound have changed just before she appear, but you don’t know where she comes. She comes from anywhere; sometimes from behind me, and sometimes from the duct, whispering or screaming something!


There was more horror scenes in the first half episode than in the later half.


I recommend this game especially for those who “hate” horror games and movies!

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I have played the Episode 1-6 of Biohazard revelations.

At first I thought Biohazard revelations is a horror game. But some of the episodes are an action game, like Biohazard 5.  So Biohazard revelations is the game mixed with action and horror.

Its sound quality is very high. I really love it. So I use a headphone when I play it, which heighten the horror and make you really scared.

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Biohazard Revelations


I’v got the Biohazard Revelations yesterday.


I played Episode 1 and 2. It is a really horror game with high quality. I have been very scared, but really enjoying it.

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I downloaded from the Nintendo eShop the Kid Icarus,one of the 3D classic series.


The Kid Icarus was first released in 1986, as an action platform video game for the Famicon Disk System. The story, in summary, is that the main character ‘Pit’ fight against ‘Medusa’ , the queen of darkness, and her enemies to rescue Paltena, queen of light, and save the Angel world.I played it for the first time when I was an elementary school child (over twenty years ago). It was very difficult for a child to completely finish it. And I had never been able to finish it.


So, it’s my revenge .


After playing it, I feel that it is still difficult, but not as it were in my childhood. After all, I can revenge on it.

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Biohzard Revelatios got a high score (39/40) in the review on Famitsu, that is the japanese popular video game magazine.


One of reviewers pointed out that the loading time was sometimes a little bit long, but others are very good, especially its graphic was amazing (he scored 9/10). Other three reviewers were completely satisfied with it (they scored 10/10).

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