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Blue pond

DSCF8259 (2) (1024x683)


The Aoi-ike is a really blue pond.

The “Aoi-ike” which means “A blue pond” in Japanese (Aoi -> blue, ike -> pond).
It is located in the Biei and it takes about 30 min by car to get there from Asahikawa.

The Aoi-ike has been popular in the past few years in japan,
because of the beauty of the pond with blue water.
(But I was wondering the Aoi-ike is really blue pond.)

My parents happened to visit us last week,
so I took them to the Aoi-ike.
For us, it was the first time to see the Aoi-ike.

When I saw it, I was impressed the beauty of the blue pond.
It was really blue and amazingly beautiful.

From the explanation of the guide plate,
the Aoi-ike is not the pond that has been naturally made.
In 1988, a dam was made around there to prevent the Biei people from the volcanic hazard.
After the construction of the dam, the water was gradually gathering at the outside of the dam, making a pond with blue water.

There are some opinions explaining why the water is blue,
however, the exact mechanism is not fully understood.


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I have not been updating for a long time !!

(Busy enjoying twitter or facebook, but little bit getting bored the facebook, though)

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DSCF3219 (500x333)

Lideo on the left , Kindle 4 on the right


In japan, Sony “Sony reader”, Rakuten “Kobo”, Amazon “Kindle”, and BookLive “Lideo” are major e-book readers. Of them, BookLive has most contents of japanese e-book, while Amazon has most contents of english e-book. I bought the Kindle 4 for reading the english paper backs two months ago. I have bought the Lideo today.

The Lideo is for reading e-books sold by the BookLive e-book store. The BookLive has been set up by Toppan Printing, which is one of the biggest Japanese printing company, and the e-book reader Lideo is manufactured by NEC. The Lideo can be obtained at the “Sanseido” book store. Major printing company, electric manufacturer, and bookseller collaborate to produce the Lideo.

I bought the Lideo for reading the “Manga”, the japanese comics. After setting the Lideo, I downloaded the “Shoot”, the soccer comic.


DSCF3221 (500x333)


After reading it, I thought that the Lideo is neither good or bad for reading comics.

But the Lideo has 3GB memory for saving contents (other e-book readers has approximately 1.5GB) and provide free WiMAX service, though users can only access the BookLive online store via the Lideo.


It costs 8,400 yen, which is not expensive compared to the others, so overall I am happy with the Lideo.

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First shot


Fuji X-E1,  F4.o,  1/30,  0 EV,  XF18-55m

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Me and my wife are going to San Diego next week for business.


Five years has spent since I went to the United States of America. For my wife, this is going to be the first visit to the United States of America.


We plan to visit the San Diego Zoo during this visit (We don’t have any works at first day).


Are there any other good site-seeing places and recommended restaurants in San Diego ??


(We don’t have much information about San Diego.)


We will stay at the Embassy Suites San Diego bay.



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Two weeks ago, I received the Nexus 7.


The Nexus 7 was sent packed in such a card board box.


The box of the Nexus 7.


What are in the box are the Nexus 7, a micro USB cable, a USB charging unit, and two sheets of quick start guide and warranty.


The Nexus 7 in the cover.


I am totally satisfied with the Nexus 7.


I use it everyday both in my home and office, and it is far more useful for me than I had expected.


When I am in home, I mainly use it for websurfing. I can websurf while lying down and grabbing the Nexus 7 with one hand . I like the style very much.


On the other hand, when I am in office, I mainly use it for viewing documents. In other words, I convert any documents (scanned paper documents, Word files, Exell files, PowerPoing files,,, etc) into electric documents (PDF) and send them to the Google Drive. So I can check them on my Nexus 7 anytime I want whenever I am around the Wi-Fi available area.


In short, my Nexus 7 help me to improve my daily works.

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The Nexus 7 that I ordered last month seems to have been shipped from the Adorama shop previous night and just arrived at the Narita airport!!

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