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XE-1, XF18mm, In Tokiwa Park

We are having hot days here.
I like to get on a bicycle in a hot day.
The breeze makes me comfortable when I am riding.


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X-E1, XF18-55mm

The mount asahi two weeks ago.

I took the picture when I was returning from Higashikawa after having lunch at pitza-tei. The high temperature of the day was 20 to 25 ℃ and it was a sunny day. Yet, it seems that much snow remains on the mount-asahi.

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DSCF4229 (500x333)

XE-1, XF35mm, f3.6, 1/1800, 0,ISO400

I went to the Sapporo Snow festival last month. This was the second time that I’ve gone to the festival.

When I went to the festival for the fist time, I was an elementary school student (more than 20 years ago). Although I can slightly remember how the festival was at the time, there might have been many snow sculptures which pleased us a lot. But when I went to the festival this winter, there were less snow sculptures than I had imagined. Instead, there were many street food stalls. It might be my misunderstanding, but I heard someone telling his friend “this snow festival is like the food festival, because there are lots of street food stalls”. Nonetheless, there were big sculptures of some anime characters that are very very attractive. There will not be many people who think that the snow festival is like like the food festival.

Although it was not the one that I had imagined, I was totally satisfied with the Sapporo Snow festival.

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In sapporo -1-

DSCF4184 (333x500)

X-E1, XF35mm, F8, 1/600, ISO400

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Asahikawa – part 4 –

DSCF3995 (500x333)

X-E1, XF35mm, f/11, 1/1000, ISO 400, +1.3, Trimmed and retouched

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DSCF4063 (335x500)

XE-1, XF35mm, F1.4, 1/52, -0.7, ISO 1600


I bought the XF35mm. This is not as heavy as the XF18-55mm and produces better images than XF18-55mm does. GOOD JOB FUJI !!  (But yet I love XF18-55mm)


Anyway, I gave a lecture to the first grade students yesterday at the university with the theme “ the research using reproductive engineering techniques”.
Especially in mice, lots of genetically engineered mice have been created for the study of gene function. And I did make lots of mutant mice in my former work place before coming Hokkaido.

In the lecture, I taught them mainly why and how the mutant mice are created, and how the mutant mice are used for the research. Finally, I lectured a concept of 3Rs in laboratory animal science; replacement, reduction, and refinement, which I consider are most important things for the researchers who use experimental animals to bear in mind when they use the experimental animals.

Every year after the lecture, I think that it does not go well. I had tried to improve the lecture more than that in previous year until it had started, but I could not be satisfied with my lecture at all, while there are not a few students who were satisfied with my lecture.

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DSCF4066 (500x333)

X-E1, XF35mm, F/1.4, 1/56, -0.7, ISO400


Last Sunday, me and my wife went to one of cafes in Asahikawa, “RIM cafe”, for having a coffee and reading a book.


The RIM cafe is located along the road to the Asahiyama zoo. It will take more than 30 min by car to get there from the Asahikawa station, especially in winter season. (You will get there approximately 10 min before arriving at the zoo.)


The light in the cafe was a little bit dim, but not too dim to read a book. Although the cafe does not have lots of menus, the coffee and parfait that we had ordered were very delicious. Because the cafe has a relaxed atmosphere, it will be good place for relaxing and reading a book.


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