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カムイ2 (500x333)

カムイ (500x333)

DP1, Converted from RAW to JPEG


I went to the Kamui Ski Links to do skiing this morning.

The skiing course was covered full of powder snow.

This is why I love the Kamui Ski Links, though this was the first time to visit this winter.


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Me and my wife went to the festival of the beginning of the mountaineering season in Asahidake.

The festival is held every year at the campsite near the station of the Asahidake ropeway. This year, it was the 64th festival.

The festival was not big, but many people were coming. We could eat meat, carry and grilled chicken, and drink beer. Very delicious!

There were a small exhibition area for mountain climber not to die in the mountain. Indeed, the number of climbers who died during climbing have been increasing in Japan. Few years ago, 7 people died by the hypothermia near the Asahidake . They were all visitors of a Hokkaido tour. They did not have enough time to postpone the climbing, so they tried to climb even if the weather became terrible.




Anyway, the mountaineer season has started, and next month, when the weather is fine (we can see whether the weather of the Asahikade is fine or not from my apartment), we will go to climb the Asahikada.

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DP1 after a long while

The above picture was taken with my DP1.


Concerning about compactness of digital cameras and high quality of pictures, the DP1 and DP2 series of SIGMA are the best choices. But I prefer to use the X10 rather than to use the DP1 now because of the uncomfortable operationality and impractical closeup mode of the DP1. Actually, I recently have many chances to take photos of dishes at the close distance, so I go out with my X10.


Yesterday, the new Sony compact digital camera, RX-100, was announced to be on sale on the next weekend. It has an 1 inch sensor and the high image quality is expected while its size is very compact. It is very attractive one. But I am not so interested in the RX-100 that I buy it; I am rather waiting for the announcement from SIGMA when the DP2 merril is available. When I went home the previous May, my father asked me if I have any digital cameras that I don’t use. I think he wants the digital camera, so I make a plan to buy the RX-100 for my father’s birthday.


Next month, I will start to climb mountains. Beautiful views will wait for us. So I will take my old DP1 for taking the photos of these views.

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Fuji X10 in Higashikawa Ice festival


We went for the Ice festival in Higashikawa last sunday.


The Ice festival in Higashikawa will be the most fastest winter festival in Hokkaido. From now on, many winter festivals will be held in Hokkaido. Among those of festivals, the most famous one is the Sapporo snow festival. About 2 million people from home and abroad comes to the Sapporo snow festival. I have went to the festival once when I was a child.  I can remember that I could not enjoy enough of it because I was a child; a child is small, and there were many adults; they are tall. So I could not see around at all, while my parents were enjoying the festival very much…


Anyway, we will have a winter festival, though it will be not as big as in Sapporo, the next month in Asahikawa. I went for the Asahikawa winter festival two years ago. Many ice sculptures were set along the Heiwa street shopping park, which extends for about 1km from the Asahikawa station. And I was very impressed with it. I could see also a big snow sculpture in the main square near the Asahi bridge.


DP1, in Asahikawa winter festival 2009


If you are interested in the Asahikawa Snow festival, you can see the brochures of it.



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DP1, Raw, In Hakkoda.

During the trip for attending the degree awarding ceremony in Aomori, we (me and my wife) took the opportunity for visiting Oirase stream (奥入瀬渓流), Towada Lake (十和田湖), and Hakkoda (八甲田).

Oirase stream and Hakkoda are located in Aomori, and Towada lake is located on the boundary between Aomori and Akita prefectures.

Autumn leaves were at their best when we visited there. Lots of people (most of these are the elderly) were coming in spite of weekday.


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DP1, Convert Raw to Jpeg.


On 9 Oct, we visited the Ueno Farm.


It is located in the east of Asahikawa city. From Asahiyama zoo, you can arrive there 10 min by car.


The Ueno farm has a english-style garden. There are many kinds of flowers in the garden. And also there are a nice cafe restraint.


The garden has been designed by Sayuki Ueno who also designed the garden of wind (風のガーデン) in Furano city. Sayuki Ueno is a family member of the Ueno farm.


Although just now it is such a last season of flowers in Hokkaido that there are few flowers in the garden, we could enjoy walking around and have anice and peaceful time.




(The garden have finished this years working. It will open next spring. But the restraint opens all seasons.)

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DP1, Convert Raw to Jpeg.


I took the visitor from Fukushima to the garden of wind.

It is located near the new furano prince hotel. It is a considerably vast garden. There are some small fields of many kinds of flowers and you can see a small wooden house surrounded by flower fields if you walk through the garden. A small ponds ,above which big dragonflies are flattering in the autumn, is there near the small house. All these will relax you well.


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