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In Kamui – 1 –

カムイ2 (500x333)

カムイ (500x333)

DP1, Converted from RAW to JPEG


I went to the Kamui Ski Links to do skiing this morning.

The skiing course was covered full of powder snow.

This is why I love the Kamui Ski Links, though this was the first time to visit this winter.


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In sapporo -1-

DSCF4184 (333x500)

X-E1, XF35mm, F8, 1/600, ISO400

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Asahikawa – part 4 –

DSCF3995 (500x333)

X-E1, XF35mm, f/11, 1/1000, ISO 400, +1.3, Trimmed and retouched

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DSCF4063 (335x500)

XE-1, XF35mm, F1.4, 1/52, -0.7, ISO 1600


I bought the XF35mm. This is not as heavy as the XF18-55mm and produces better images than XF18-55mm does. GOOD JOB FUJI !!  (But yet I love XF18-55mm)


Anyway, I gave a lecture to the first grade students yesterday at the university with the theme “ the research using reproductive engineering techniques”.
Especially in mice, lots of genetically engineered mice have been created for the study of gene function. And I did make lots of mutant mice in my former work place before coming Hokkaido.

In the lecture, I taught them mainly why and how the mutant mice are created, and how the mutant mice are used for the research. Finally, I lectured a concept of 3Rs in laboratory animal science; replacement, reduction, and refinement, which I consider are most important things for the researchers who use experimental animals to bear in mind when they use the experimental animals.

Every year after the lecture, I think that it does not go well. I had tried to improve the lecture more than that in previous year until it had started, but I could not be satisfied with my lecture at all, while there are not a few students who were satisfied with my lecture.

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