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DSCF4066 (500x333)

X-E1, XF35mm, F/1.4, 1/56, -0.7, ISO400


Last Sunday, me and my wife went to one of cafes in Asahikawa, “RIM cafe”, for having a coffee and reading a book.


The RIM cafe is located along the road to the Asahiyama zoo. It will take more than 30 min by car to get there from the Asahikawa station, especially in winter season. (You will get there approximately 10 min before arriving at the zoo.)


The light in the cafe was a little bit dim, but not too dim to read a book. Although the cafe does not have lots of menus, the coffee and parfait that we had ordered were very delicious. Because the cafe has a relaxed atmosphere, it will be good place for relaxing and reading a book.



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A suspension bridge

DSCF4004 (500x333)

X-E1, XF35mm, F13, -0.7, 1/1200


A suspension bridge that is the nearest bridge from my apartment.

Sometimes we can see a beautiful view of the Asahi-dake (Asahi mountain) on this bridge.

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雪 (500x333)



The weather of this winter in Asahikawa is;

heavy snow in December,

cloudy with occational snow in this month (average as usual).

In general  the most forecasted winter weather in Asahikawa is “cloudy with occasional snow”. But during the day of its weather, sun and blue sky can be seen.

If you like the sunny day, you had better go out even when the weather forecast says that the day is “cloudy with occasional snow” during visiting of Asahikawa !

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DSCF3835 (333x500)

X-E1, XF18-55mm, F8,  1/30, -2, 55mm


The freezing cold weather has come frequently from the end of the last month, sometimes it had come with heavy snow.


It is really freezing one that chilling me to the bone. Although the weather is getting hot these days in Hokkaido,

it reminds me of that in my childhood.


In such a cold weather, I want to have something to eat to warm me up. So I went to a ramen (japanese noodle) shop to eat a salt flavor ramen (sorry, I didn’t take the picture of the ramen).


On the way back to my apartment, I went by a convenience store to get some alcohol. I tasted it before going to bed thinking what will I do tomorrow.

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DSCF3798 (333x500)

X-E1, XF18-55mm


Me and my wife went to the sale of the SEIBU Department store in Asahikawa.

The roadway to the SEIBU was in pretty bad conditions owing to the recent heavy snow. It took twice as long for me and my wife to get to the SEIBU !!

To our joy, at the SEIBU, clothing goods were sold at a discount of 20 to 30 % off the price !!

So I got a sweater and a pair of pants.

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The record heavy snow from the midnight of Wednesday to the early morning of Thursday disrupted completely the traffic movement in Asahikawa including buses and trains. The traffic disruption of trains continued to the end of the Friday. I have seen on TV that the people who had been in holiday and been going back to their home in Sapporo could not return to the Asahikawa.


But today, the snow fall stops, and the sun appear. The traffic movement in Asahikawa recovered from the disruption of the heavy snow.


I love snow, but do not such a heavy snow.


DSCF3741 (500x334)

X-E1, XF18 – 55mm


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DSCF3717 (500x332)

X-E1, XF18-55mm


I went back to Hokkaido from Tokyo.

Today’s high temperature was – 5℃ in Asahikawa while 10℃ in Tokyo. The cold weather reminded me that I am back to Hokkaido.

Last Sunday, during my homecoming, I went to Ginza to see a comedy and dance show in which my friend was going to play. Next day, I had lunch with him in Shinjuku. He is not famous as entertainers on TV show. His salary is very low. He can not live without doing side jobs. But, he is truly enjoying his life.

My salary is three times as high as his. But, am I really enjoying my life as him ?? Am I satisfied with my life ? After lunch, something in my mind provoked me.

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