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In Shinjuku


XE-1, XF18-55mm

I flied from Asahikawa to Tokyo today, and now I am in a hotel at Kabukicho, Shinjuku.

To get to the hotel, I got off at the Shin-Ohkubo station and walked through Shin-Ohkubo to Kabukicho. On the way to the hotel, I could see lots of Korean shops, which will attract young japanese that love Korean stars. I didn’t see such shops when I had lived in Tokyo until 2001. But, as long as I know, the Shin-Okubo has been one of the places where lots of Koreans live before such young-japanese-loving Korean shops appeared.


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Asahikawa – part 4 –

I went to a Izakaya near the Asahikawa station for a drink with my old friend.


He is a friend form high school. I was quite influenced by him when I was a high school student, although he does not know this. I think I am easy to be influenced by others, but I would have not be working as academic if I had not met him. Anyway, It was a shivery cold day. Furthermore, on the way to the Izakaya, snow is heavily falling.

DSCF3317 (333x500)

DSCF3352 (333x500)

DSCF3361 (500x334)

DSCF3374 (500x329)

X-E1, XF18-55mm


By the end of the party, snow fall had stopped and I could see the moon at the partly cloudy sky. I caught glimpses of glittering powders. I thought it is powder snow. But it might be diamond dust. I knew afterwards that the diamond dust appeared at this midnight in Asahikawa.

DSCF3384 (500x333)

DSCF3392 (333x500)

DSCF3407 (500x333)

DSCF3422 (333x500)

DSCF3438 (500x333)

X-E1, XF18-55mm

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Space Harrier in 3D !


From Nintendo website.


Do you know the Space Harrier ?

It is an arcade game released by SEGA in 1985.
It was a pseudo 3D shooting game.
I can remember that, when I was a child,I played it sitting in a console that moves according to the analog stick movement.

The console, from wikipedia.


Yesterday, the Space harrier was released as a Nintendo 3DS soft with some renewals. One of the renewals is that users can play it in 3D. Although the renewals may be small to you, I can at last play the Space Harrier in real 3D !!

And I’ll bet, after playing it for an hour, that this Space Harrier in 3D will give you amazingly wonderful experiences !!

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Asahikawa – part 3 –


X-E1, XF18-55mm

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Merry Christmas !

DSCF3488 (500x333)

X-E1, XF 18-55

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ぴっぷりんりn (333x500)

X-E1, XF 18-55mm


The Pippudding is a pudding. A store in Pippu makes and sells the Pippuding. The name “Pippuding” is simply originated from “Pippu” and “Pudding” (Pippu + pudding = Pippuding).

The Pippuding has been sold at Yu-yu land (A spa facility near the Pippu skiing ground) from this summer. The Pippuding seems to be very popular because it is always sold out whenever we went after night skiing. But, last Saturday, fortunately some of the PIppudings remained unsold. At last we got it !

The Pippuding includes no additives. The taste is not heavy, and it is easy to eat. We were happy to eat the Pippuding.

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San Diego Zoo

During business trip to San Diego on last October, me and my wife went to the San Diego Zoo.

On the day of visit to the Zoo, we were going to get up early in the morning. But we could not get up at the time because of heavy jet lag and got up early in the afternoon after all.

It was 12:30. The Zoo will be closed at 17:30. We hurriedly got ourselves up, got out our room, and took a taxi to the Zoo. It was 13:30 when we arrived at the Zoo.

The Zoo was full of people.

We didn’t eat any food at the day until arrival, so we first went to a cafeteria to get some foods before getting around the Zoo.

The Zoo was larger than we expected, and we thought we could not see all animals by the time of close. So we took a ride on a tour bus that brought us main areas in the Zoo.










After 40-50 min ride on the bus, we had gotten around the Zoo on foot until the time of close.



I was most exited when I saw an eagle. I love birds, and eagles is one of my favorites birds.



In this visiting at the Zoo, we were very exited that the zoo was really very big and large.   We can’t visit such a large zoo in Japan. We can see many animals that do not exist in any Japanese zoos. These satisfied us very much.

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