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We arrived at San Diego


Me and my wife arrived at San Diego.
Although we did not went around, the San Diego is a very nice place
and I love it.

Me and my wife went to the Sushi Bar Nippon to have dinner.
Honestly, we did not expect  too much of its taste before eating it.
We thought only if we can eat japanese foods even if it’s taste is no good.
But the sushi provided was very delicious. If the Sushi Bar Nippon is in Japan, it will be rated more than average at its taste.

We happily went back to our hotel.


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Me and my wife are going to San Diego next week for business.


Five years has spent since I went to the United States of America. For my wife, this is going to be the first visit to the United States of America.


We plan to visit the San Diego Zoo during this visit (We don’t have any works at first day).


Are there any other good site-seeing places and recommended restaurants in San Diego ??


(We don’t have much information about San Diego.)


We will stay at the Embassy Suites San Diego bay.



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I went to the Asahiyama-zoo two days ago.


This visit was unfortunately not for leisure but for business  I had to walk around the Zoo in a suit about three hours, carrying my bag slung over my shoulder, a DSLR with my right hand and my Fuji X10 with my left hand.


Few months ago, one of the flamingos escaped from the zoo and now is in a lake in the northern part of Hokkaido. Every plan to catch him back to the zoo has failed.


He may be happy because he is no longer in a man-made cage.


The zoo wants him back until the winter comes because he is a bird of passage and will fly far away from Hokkaido.

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