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Two weeks ago, I received the Nexus 7.


The Nexus 7 was sent packed in such a card board box.


The box of the Nexus 7.


What are in the box are the Nexus 7, a micro USB cable, a USB charging unit, and two sheets of quick start guide and warranty.


The Nexus 7 in the cover.


I am totally satisfied with the Nexus 7.


I use it everyday both in my home and office, and it is far more useful for me than I had expected.


When I am in home, I mainly use it for websurfing. I can websurf while lying down and grabbing the Nexus 7 with one hand . I like the style very much.


On the other hand, when I am in office, I mainly use it for viewing documents. In other words, I convert any documents (scanned paper documents, Word files, Exell files, PowerPoing files,,, etc) into electric documents (PDF) and send them to the Google Drive. So I can check them on my Nexus 7 anytime I want whenever I am around the Wi-Fi available area.


In short, my Nexus 7 help me to improve my daily works.


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