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Visit to my parent home

Me and my wife had visited to my parent home during 12 – 14, August. It is one of my favorite events. I love to meet them.


My father is 70 years old. He had been retired at 63 and now spends his life with my mother. He likes to walk every morning for an hour for exercise. I think he is young for his age.


My mother is 63 years old. She has a little bit chronic backache. So she can not walk for a long time, yet, she is well and healthy. She likes to grow vegetables on her kitchen garden. She gives us always lots of vegetables before going back to Asahikawa.


Other favorite of hers is TV game. She said to me that she is VERY interested in the Nintendo 3DS and wants to get it from SOMEONE… The someone is, 99 % me…


At the evening of the first day, me, my wife, and my father went to the Tokachigawa Onsen to take a bath for some rest.


We had planned during this visiting to see the Tokachi Fireworks Festival in Obihiro. But unfortunately, the Tokachi Fireworks Festival had been postponed to the other day because of rain. Therefore we had unexpectedly nothing to do this evening, so we made a change in our plan. We went to eat the Butadon at the Pancho instead.


The Butadon is a bowl of rice covered with grilled pork. The pancho is the first restaurant that provides the Butadon in Japan. When we arrived at the Pancho, many people had waited to eat the Butadon.  After the dinner, we again went to the Tokachigawa Onsen to take a bath. I think we are really onsen lovers.


At the Pancho. Many people were waiting.


The Butadon.


Next day, me and my wife left Obihiro at this afternoon. On my way back to Asahikawa, we stopped at Shikaoi.


At the Shikaoi Michi No Eki (Shikaoi Roadside Station).


There were some restaurants that attract our interest, though we had enough time to visit them. Major industry in Shikaoi is dairy farming. So I think the restaurants will provide us dairy products. We wish to go there sometime.


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The Nexus 7 that I ordered last month seems to have been shipped from the Adorama shop previous night and just arrived at the Narita airport!!

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The Nexus 7

I ordered the google new tablet Nexus 7 on the Adorama shop at 19 July. But I do not get it because the Nexus 7 is out of stock now.

The case for the Nexus 7 that I had ordered the same day was sent to me last Saturday.



How long will I wait for the Nexus 7 ?

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