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We have pretty hot and sunny days in Asahikawa these days. It will be however a good season for site seeing in Hokkaido.

Me and my wife went to the Rokkatei Campana in Furano to eat Genghis Khan last sunday. On the way to the Rokkatei Campana, we dropped in the Kanno Farm, which is located between Asahikawa and Biei, to see a fields of flowers.


Flower fields of the Kanno Farm


Many kinds of flowers were there on the slight inclined hill. I love this flower fields of the Kanno Farm. The graduation of colors that many kinds of flowers produce is very beautiful. If it is a sunny day, it will be more beautiful.

We arrived at the Rokkatei Campana at 1 P.M. The Rokkatei Campana has mainly two shops. One is the confectionery shop ,and the other is the Genghis Khan restaurant, the Shirakaba Genghis Khan. The Shirakaba Genghis Khan was unexpectedly full of people when we entered it, so we had to wait about 20 min.


Genghis Khan of the Shirakaba Genghis Khan


We ordered five dishes of Genghis Khan, two small bowls of rice, a grass of non-alcohol beer, and a cup of miso soup. The five dishes of Genghis Khan might be too many for two adults. But we completely ate all dishes.

After lunch, we went to the Kaze-no garden, which is located next to the New Furano Prince Hotel, to walk and relax. There were many locusts and grasshoppers in the Kaze-no Garden. I love them, so I enjoyed seeing them, while my wife took a short nap.


A male locus is mounting a female locus.


Finally, we went to the Furano Delice to have tea. I ate a Furano melon tart; Furano melon is just in season.


Delicious melon tart!


Me and my wife were very relaxed by this drive.


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Me and my wife waked up early in the morning of this Saturday for climbing. It was the first time to climb in this season, so we decided to climb a easy-to-climb mountain, the Nakadake Onsen.

The weather was cloud until we arrived at the station of the Asahidake Ropeway.The ropeway take us to the Sugatami station where we start climbing about 10 minutes. By the time we arrived at the Sugatami station, the weather had changed from cloudy to partly sunny.


The weather was partly sunny.


The Asahi Dake, at the Sugatami station.


It will take few hours to get to the Nakadake Onsen from the Sugatami station, but the way is not hard.


We can walk on the wooden pavements.


On the way to the Nakadake Onsen, we can see small beautiful ponds and fields of alpine flowers.


At the Nakadake Onsen, we took a footbath.


Someone dug a small hole for taking a foot bath. Spring is very hot. We can cool down it by introducing cold water from a small stream.


On my way back to the Sugatami station, we met with a Ezo Stoat. He came to us jumping up and down, but not within one meter from us. Was he enjoying? Or did he expect us to give him something to eat? (Of course it is prohibited there to give anything to eat to the wild animals). We saw him for a while, doing nothing for him. Few minutes later, he disappeared into a bush.



On my way back to home, we went to the Yukoman-So to take a bath. The time to go to and from was about 6 hours (including a lunch time).

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