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I had finished the hell of the campaign mode, and the abyss and bonus stage of the raid mode.

After completing the hell, I got the infinite (∞) locket launcher, and I am playing the normal mode with the ∞ locket launcher. But, the ∞ locket launcher is only usable if the player is Jill.  If I could use the ∞ locket launcher in all stages!!

Anyway, I could enjoy the Biohazard Revelations for a long time more than expected. I had been very busy on March and April, so I did not post any article of my blog.  Playing the Biohazard Revelations was reduction of my stress at the time.

Recently, I bought the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and it is my next playing game!!


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We went for lunch at the Italian Restaurant ” Valore”.


The entrance of the Valore.



The rain drops on leaves.






The Valore is located at Biei, and we had went for dinner to celebrate my wife’s birthday in last November. https://nezumikozou.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/valore-in-biei/


This day, we ordered pasta dishes and the first dish was carrot soup.

A waitress told us that the carrot was from a farm near the restraint. When we sipped it,  the sweetness of the fresh carrot and the slight smell of olive oil spread in my mouth! Very delicious!!


The next was a dish of vegetables with three kinds of dressing, natural salt, and puree.

I like the dishes of vegetable of the Vaolre very much. Many kinds of vegetables are on the dish, and every vegetables are so fresh and delicious that we can’t help smiling at each other.


Next dishes are pasta. I had ordered the pasta with firefly squid and rape-flower. My wife had ordered the gnocchi with white sauce. They were very very delicious!!


The last dish was dessert. a blueberry mousse cake (on the left) and strawberry ice cream (on the right)


The dishes of the Valore always make us very happy!!


When we go out, the owner chef always come to the checkout counter to say good-bye. He opened his restaurant ‘Valore’  in 2007, and his restaurant is one of the popular italian restaurants in the area of asahikawa, furano, and biei.


We celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Valore!

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The Winter of Furano

In March, we had enjoyed a two-day holiday in Furano.

Unfortunately, we had rain during skiing, and the rain had changed to snow at the night. After skiing, we took a hot spring bath and took a rest for a while. Then, we had dinner at the restraint at the top the Furano Prince hotel. We were very satisfied with many kinds of dishes.


After dinner, we went out to visit the Ningle terrace. The Ningle terrace in winter was very different from that in summer. Even in the last winter, the night of Furano is still cold. But the sight of the Ningle terrace was very fantastic.

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Xperia mini pro


Me and my wife have gone home to see my parents in Obihiro during last three days of the Golden Week.


Before we went to the Obihiro, my wife had told me that she wants to go the original store of the Rokka-tei, which is one of the popular confectioneries in Hokkaido. So I took her there this afternoon and we had a cafe in there.


We oredered a pie, a strawberry parfait and two cups of caffe. They were very delicious.


There were lots of families coming in and out, because, I think, lots of people usually go out in the Golden Week in japan.

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