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Fuji x10


I went to Sapporo last Saturday for attending an annual meeting, which was held at the Sapporo Medical University.


I took an early train from Asahikawa to Sapporo to go to the Sapporo Yodobashi Camera (One of the famous electric stores in Japan). I looked around the store to see digital cameras, and I found the Fuji X-pro1. I think it is very good camera, but a little bit heavier than I expected.


Next I moved to the Sapporo station and had a lunch at the Ramen shop in a basement food mall. I ate Miso-Ramen because it is popular in Sapporo. It was good taste (but not very good). After having a lunch, I went to the Sapporo Medical University.  To go to the Sapporo Medical University from the Sapporo station, you need to change trains once. It was the first time for me to go there, so I lost my way for a while. It might take extra 10 or 20 min to get to the Sapporo Medical University. The meeting started at 13:30 and finished at 19:00. It was the short meeting including 19 presentations one of which were mine.


On my way back, I once again went to the Yodobashi Camera, and I bought a notebook PC (U24E, Asus). At a store in the Sappro station, I bought a box of chocolate for my wife.


I arrived the Asahikawa station at 22:30. My wife came and picked me up to our apartment. It was 23:00 when I went back to my apartment.


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