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Asahikawa winter festival

Fuji x10


Me and my wife went for the Asahikawa winter festival last Sunday.


We first enjoyed seeing ice sculptures that were set along the Heiwa street shopping park, which extends for about 1km from the Asahikawa station. We had a little snow at first. But, the snow was getting heavier and heavier when we arrived at the main festival site near the Asahi bridge.  Besides, it was very cold out there.


There were people in nice costumes dancing on the main stage. We could see a big snow sculpture of the Transformer. How big it was!!  We walked around for a while seeing other snow sculptures.  In the mean time it was really so cold that we could not be out there for a long time. So we soon left there after eating pork miso soup.


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I had finished a campaign mode (episode 1-12). Total playing time was about fifteen hours.


The most scared but enjoyable episode was episode 4. At the last of the episode, you have to fight the Ooze rachel. This ooze had scared me very much.  You have to fight against her in dark corridors on a ship. The sound have changed just before she appear, but you don’t know where she comes. She comes from anywhere; sometimes from behind me, and sometimes from the duct, whispering or screaming something!


There was more horror scenes in the first half episode than in the later half.


I recommend this game especially for those who “hate” horror games and movies!

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I have played the Episode 1-6 of Biohazard revelations.

At first I thought Biohazard revelations is a horror game. But some of the episodes are an action game, like Biohazard 5.  So Biohazard revelations is the game mixed with action and horror.

Its sound quality is very high. I really love it. So I use a headphone when I play it, which heighten the horror and make you really scared.

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