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Pippu ski site

Fuji X10


I went for skiing at the Pippu ski site yesterday.


The Japan meteorological agency announced yesterday that it has been very cold in this winter with heavy snow compared to other winters. The other day the Japan Self-defense Force had helped to remove snow in some areas in Hokkaido in which traffic networks had been unable to function for a few days owing to continuous heavy snow.


On the other hand, such a cold weather is a good condition to see a rare scene. It was a very cold night yesterday and fine powder snow was falling. When I was skiing, I could see beautiful pillars for a while illuminated by lights (I was very regret not to have a camera at that time).


The weather forecast said that the cold and snowy weather will continue for the next week.


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Biohazard Revelations


I’v got the Biohazard Revelations yesterday.


I played Episode 1 and 2. It is a really horror game with high quality. I have been very scared, but really enjoying it.

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Fuji X10 in Higashikawa Ice festival


We went for the Ice festival in Higashikawa last sunday.


The Ice festival in Higashikawa will be the most fastest winter festival in Hokkaido. From now on, many winter festivals will be held in Hokkaido. Among those of festivals, the most famous one is the Sapporo snow festival. About 2 million people from home and abroad comes to the Sapporo snow festival. I have went to the festival once when I was a child.  I can remember that I could not enjoy enough of it because I was a child; a child is small, and there were many adults; they are tall. So I could not see around at all, while my parents were enjoying the festival very much…


Anyway, we will have a winter festival, though it will be not as big as in Sapporo, the next month in Asahikawa. I went for the Asahikawa winter festival two years ago. Many ice sculptures were set along the Heiwa street shopping park, which extends for about 1km from the Asahikawa station. And I was very impressed with it. I could see also a big snow sculpture in the main square near the Asahi bridge.


DP1, in Asahikawa winter festival 2009


If you are interested in the Asahikawa Snow festival, you can see the brochures of it.



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I downloaded from the Nintendo eShop the Kid Icarus,one of the 3D classic series.


The Kid Icarus was first released in 1986, as an action platform video game for the Famicon Disk System. The story, in summary, is that the main character ‘Pit’ fight against ‘Medusa’ , the queen of darkness, and her enemies to rescue Paltena, queen of light, and save the Angel world.I played it for the first time when I was an elementary school child (over twenty years ago). It was very difficult for a child to completely finish it. And I had never been able to finish it.


So, it’s my revenge .


After playing it, I feel that it is still difficult, but not as it were in my childhood. After all, I can revenge on it.

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Biohzard Revelatios got a high score (39/40) in the review on Famitsu, that is the japanese popular video game magazine.


One of reviewers pointed out that the loading time was sometimes a little bit long, but others are very good, especially its graphic was amazing (he scored 9/10). Other three reviewers were completely satisfied with it (they scored 10/10).

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A chair

Fuji x10


I had a phone call yesterday from Taisetsu Mokko telling me that the chair that I had pre-ordered was made up. So I went out and got it.


It smells a little bit paint which will be soon disappeared. I have purchased a desk already last month from Taisetsu Mokko. And both the chair and desk satisfy me very much.

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Black bean tea

Fuji X10


I bought a pack of tea bags of black beans.


It was very delicious and I was very relaxed after tasting it. Its cost is a little bit expensive, but it will help make me feel better when I get tired.


The shop I bought the tea is Kitakari, which sells mainly fried sugar-coated dough. 


The fried sugar-coated dough is also delicious. You can buy many kinds of it. The shop is now getting popular in Asahikawa.

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