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Walk to Akasaka

Fuji X10


Fuji X10, TBS Broadcasting Center.


Graduates’ meeting of my University was held in Shibuya last Saturday. I stayed the night at a hotel near the Tameike-Sanno station. Next morning, I walked to the Akasaka station.

On the above photos were taken during the walking.




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Positive effects

Fuji X10, In a restraint in Asahikawa (Esperio)


Since I bought the Fuji X10 last month, I have taken photos through the optical view finder (OVF)  more than on a display. This give me positive effects.

My camera life has started with a digital camera (My first camera is the Richo Caprio RX). I think an auto mode of a digital camera is well constructed. Without any attention to the aperture,  exposure, and shatter speed, I could get good shots confirming images on a display before pushing the shatter button.

For the OVF of the Fuji X10 that gives me little information and the exact images before pushing the shatter button, I am getting to imagine some things that I have never done before. “This seen needs more positive exposure compensation?”  “Depth of field is well adjusted?”

Since I bought the Fuji x10, I am getting to think about these things more deeply than ever.

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In Asahikawa, snow begins to accumulate. It is the first accumulation of  snow in this season and a full-fledged winter comes.


Anyway, I have gone back to Asahikawa last monday. During the business trip to Hiratsuka, I was able to have time to take photos in Haneda airport, Hiratsuka station, and Kanagawa University.


Fuji X10, Jpeg, In Kanagawa University.


Fuji X10, Jpeg, In Kanagawa University.


Fuji X10, Jpeg, In Kanagawa University.


Fuji X10, Jpeg, In Kanagawa University.


Fuji X10, Jpeg, In Kanagawa University.


Fuji X10, Jpeg, Around the Hiratsuka Station.


Fuji X10, Jpeg, In Haneda airport.


The Haneda airport (Formally named as Tokyo International Airport) is the most primary airport in Japan because it connects Tokyo area and other regions of Japan. It takes one and a half hours to go to the Haneda airport from the Asahikawa airport by airplane.

The Hiratsuka city is located in Kanagawa prefecture, which is the east of Tokyo. It takes an hour to go there from the Haneda airport by train. Hiratsuka is a coastal region and some of good Sushi shops are there (but I forget what the name of the nice Sushi shop is.).

The Kanagawa university is a private university. It has two campuses. One is in Hiratsuka and the other is in Yokohama. I visited the Hiratsuka campus during this trip.



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Business trip (to Kanagawa)

Fuji X10

On the above photo is a free paper. Lots of Ramen shops in Asahikawa are on the free paper with many coupon tickets.

Anyway, I will have a three days business trip to Hiratsuka city, Kanagawa prefecture tomorrow. Kanagawa is west of Tokyo and my wife’s birth place. After business, hope I will have a certain amount of time to visit Tokyo and take photos with my Fuji X10.

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Today’s Rody (with Fuji X10)

Fuji X10, Jpeg


Anyway, I took some photos with high ISO (ISO3200).

I was not expecting high ISO shots.

But I think it is quite useful under dark conditions.

Fuji X10, Jpeg, ISO 3200



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Fuji X10, F2.0, 1/26, ISO 800, 7.1mm, +o.3,   (Taken by my wife)


Sake is a rice-based japanese alcoholic beverage.

There are three popular Sake Breweries in Asahikawa; Takasago Brewery, Asahikawa-Jizakegura, and Otokoyama Brewery. Asahikawa is one of the good places for making Sake because water of high quality is obtainable from Daisetsuzan (it means great snowy mountains in english).

The Sake on the above photo is Itiyashizuku by Takasago Brewery. Its taste and flavor is great, though it is an expensive Sake sold by Takasago Brewery (5,200 yen).

“Itiyashizuku” means “one night drop” in english. “Itiya” means “one night” and “Shizuku” menas “drop”. When winter comes, brewers make a dome of snow and ice. The humidity and temperature inside the dome will be kept suitable condition for purifying unrefined Sake. This Sake purified during “one night” comes in to a market as Itiyasizuku.



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