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Fuji X10 third shots

F5.6, 1/60, ISO 160, 28.4mm, -o.3


F5.6, 1/60, ISO 160, 16mm


F5.6, 1/58, ISO 160, 14.8mm, -0.3


F5.6, 1/200, ISO 100,11.3mm, -0.3


F5.6, 1/42, ISO 100, 7.1mm, -0.3


F5.0, 1/90, ISO 100, 28.4mm


F5.6, 1/140, ISO 100, 20.2mm


I went for a walk this early morning with my Fuji X10. The camera’s settings areDR400%, ISO AUTO 800, and PROVIA. I took all shots as Jpeg.

After taking 300 shots with Fuji X10, I am totally satisfied with this camera. But the parallax of the optical view finder (OVF) confused me. The image through the OVF is different from that on the display. I like the clear view of the OVF and prefer the style using the OVF, because my eyes usually get tired after taking over 100 shots seeing a display. So I try to get used to it and it will be not so difficult.

Anyway, when compared to DP1, all have advantages except the image quality (Foveon is great).




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DP1, Raw, In Hakkoda.

During the trip for attending the degree awarding ceremony in Aomori, we (me and my wife) took the opportunity for visiting Oirase stream (奥入瀬渓流), Towada Lake (十和田湖), and Hakkoda (八甲田).

Oirase stream and Hakkoda are located in Aomori, and Towada lake is located on the boundary between Aomori and Akita prefectures.

Autumn leaves were at their best when we visited there. Lots of people (most of these are the elderly) were coming in spite of weekday.


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Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments.

We had lunch today in Pizza Tei (a pizza restraint) that is located in Higashikawa (Higashikawa is a town located near the Asahikawa. Nice cafeterias and restrains are there in Higashikawa). I brought my new camera Fuji X10 and took pictures. So I have uploaded some of them.

I think in Japan, Fuji X10 is highly appreciated from many buyers. For me, its focus speed surprised most.


Fuji X10, Jpeg, F2.0, 1/27, ISO 400, 7.1mm


Fuji X10, Jpeg, F2.0, 1/56, ISO 400, 7.1mm


Fuji X10, Jpeg, F2.0, 1/28, ISO 400, 7.1mm

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ISO 800,  F 2.8, 1/75, 28.4mm

ISO 200, F 2.0, 1/58, 7.1mm


I am fully satisfied with this Fuji X10.

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I have bought a new camera.

In my first impression, the optical view finder is beyond my imagination. I love it.

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To Aomori


Xperia mini pro. Jpeg. In the Asahikawa station.

We, me and my wife, have left Asahikawa to Aomori because I will have a degree awarding ceremony in Aomori on this wednsday.

We will take a night train “Hamanasu はまなす” at the next station ‘ Sapporo’.

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DP1, Convert Raw to Jpeg.


On 9 Oct, we visited the Ueno Farm.


It is located in the east of Asahikawa city. From Asahiyama zoo, you can arrive there 10 min by car.


The Ueno farm has a english-style garden. There are many kinds of flowers in the garden. And also there are a nice cafe restraint.


The garden has been designed by Sayuki Ueno who also designed the garden of wind (風のガーデン) in Furano city. Sayuki Ueno is a family member of the Ueno farm.


Although just now it is such a last season of flowers in Hokkaido that there are few flowers in the garden, we could enjoy walking around and have anice and peaceful time.




(The garden have finished this years working. It will open next spring. But the restraint opens all seasons.)

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