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My cameras

I have three digital cameras.

One is the GR digital, Ricoh.

Second one is the U-40, Sony.

Third one is the DP-1, Sigma.

Only the DP-1 have an APS-C  sensor and it’s pictures are really amazing though i feel it is not a handy camera.

The U-40 is really handy, but its sensor is only two-megapixel CCD. 

The GR-digital is intermediate one.

Using this three cameras, i am going to update my blog with some pictures.


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Hello world!

I have just started my blog “Life in Hokkaido”.

Hope this is the blog for those who are interested in Hokkaido, Japan.

The contens will be about how  our (me and my wife) life in Hokkaido is going on”

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